Lifestyle In Warsaw: Where To Work & Play

Welcome to Warsaw! A city brimming with age-tinged architecture, fascinating town squares and a network of nearly 1500 free Wi-Fi hotspots dotted around. 

Located along the banks of Vistula River, not only is it the capital of the country, but also the cultural and financial epicenter of Poland. Vibrant restaurants, affordable stays and an array of co-working spaces make it a fit for digital nomads from across the world. Enjoy its teeming nightlife, relish culinary surprises and immerse yourself in the city’s creative energy. From innovative museums to modern technology, you’ll find inspiration all around.

Read on to find out more. 

Why choose Warsaw? 

Located in eastern-central Poland, the city ensures you’re never too far from other attractions of Europe, including Prague, Budapest and Vilnius. It sits 300 km from the Carpathian Mountains, 260 km from the Baltic Sea and 523 km east of Berlin in Germany. You can take a scenic train ride to Wroclaw and enjoy budget-friendly flights to Sofia at the same time.  Since its local currency is the Polish zloty, it’s more affordable than other European destinations. Expect cost-effective and high-quality housing, food and entertainment options. 

Warsaw is also comparably smaller in size than its other European counterparts, ensuring more ease and convenience for you to potter around town. Though, despite its size, it remains a major international tourist hub with a cultural scene unlike any other. While locals speak Polish, English is known by nearly half the population.

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Working in Warsaw

Warsaw’s digital landscape has so much to offer to remote workers. Enjoy an impressive average fixed broadband speed of 133 mbps for downloads and 42mbps for uploads. The city also provides free Wi-Fi hotspots in bus, tram and railway stations, hotels, cafes, restaurants, libraries, parks, shopping malls and the city center.

Mobile users can avail efficient speeds, with rates of 42 mbps for downloads and 10mbps for uploads. Since all the countries in the European Union have now agreed not to charge extra for roaming, you can use any European sim card all over the continent without additional charges. To buy a local sim card, head over to a kiosk (booth) at the airport upon arrival. Make sure to carry your passport, ID card or residence permit for the mandatory registration process.

From over 70 free libraries to hangout joints with long-stay tables and steady internet, Warsaw also offers a range of co-working spaces. Noteworthy cafes for digital nomads include Być Może at Plac Unii. This is conveniently located near the central junction with easy access to bus and tram stops. Once an old school building, it has transformed into an airy, industrial-themed eatery. Plus, you’ll find tables by the window, perfect to get some work done while enjoying the views. Wrzenie Świata is a bookstore and coffee shop, preferred by writers. You’re transported into a world of books where creativity flows abundantly. Add to this, Green Caffe Nero (a blend of UK’s Caffe Nero and Polish Green Coffee) and Etno Café in the city center. 

If you prefer a more structured co-working environment, Warsaw has a variety of options. Google Campus, for instance, is a vibrant hub featuring cool spaces, speedy internet and fun-filled activities.  It hosts several events about business, tech and the internet where you can mingle with experts from the field. Grab healthy snacks at its onsite cafe and hobnob with like-minded travellers. Don’t forget to browse through shelves full of English-written marketing books. However, becoming a campus resident is a prerequisite to access its many facilities. Regardless, you’re free to work from the café.

Exploring Warsaw

Dig into delicious Polish cuisine or head out with your laptop to a nearby café. Take advantage of the city’s thriving after-hours scene and make friends over a round of drinks. The city has a pulsating energy with trendy eateries and clubs that are open till dawn. 

The Warsaw Pass provides special access to 20 key sights in the city. Explore Jewish history at the acclaimed POLIN Museum, enjoy city views from the 30th floor of the Palace of Culture and Science, witness mind-boggling experiments at the Copernicus Science Centre and wander through Łazienki Park to see the famous Royal Palace on the isle. All of this, with public transportation included. 

There’s also complimentary access to numerous museums on select dates. Museum Night, an annual mid-May event, grants free access to over 200 museums and galleries, providing a unique opportunity to discover otherwise restricted spaces. 

Celebrated as one of Poland’s greenest cities, nearly a quarter of it is enveloped with lush forests and parks. You can work from open-air gardens as Saxon Garden, Ujazdowski Park, Pole Mokotowskie and Skaryszewski Park all promise a calming respite.

Additionally, the University of Warsaw Library has a captivating two-level roof garden with panoramic views of Warsaw’s Old Town. Bask in the enchanting ambiance of the UNESCO-listed Old Town with its quaint streets, charming tenements and notable landmarks like the Market Square, Warsaw Mermaid monument and Barbican. Take a walk along the Vistula River promenade, which is a tranquil stretch in the city center, boasting scenic vistas, recreational activities and free summer ferry rides from floating marinas.

Castle square in Warsaw old town, Poland

Day trips from Warsaw

The capital is a great base for day trips. For a quick break, visit Kampinos National Park, which is just 40 minutes from Warsaw. Covering 385 square km, it has woodlands, diverse wildlife, hiking trails and attractions like Muzeum Puszczy Kampinoskiej and Palmiry War Cemetery. It’s ideal for outdoor activities like cycling and horseback riding, perfect to refresh you before it’s time to work. 

We also recommend checking out Wroclaw. Known as the ‘Venice of Poland’, Wroclaw has a mix of history and modern amenities. Its compact, walkable layout, charming market square and pristine river views draw digital nomads from around the world.  

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