Best Digital Nomad Events In Europe In 2024 

Do you want to experience what it’s like to live like a digital nomad? Do you wish to work from anywhere in the world? If yes, keep an eye out for these upcoming events and festivals in 2024. They’re the perfect opportunity to gain insights, recharge your energy, and connect with remote workers from different parts of the globe. 

Bansko Nomad Fest in Bulgaria 

Dates : 23 June – 30 June, 2024 (Bansko, Bulgaria)

Just a 2-hour drive from the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, Bansko is located in the picturesque setting of the Pirin Mountains inside Pirin National Park. 

Bansko will be hosting its annual Bansko Nomad Fest in June. This is one of the biggest and most acclaimed events for digital nomads, with attendees flocking from across the globe. It’s a week-long festival that focuses on uniting remote workers from different countries and advocates a location-independent lifestyle. And let us tell you : it doesn’t disappoint. 

Here we are enjoying the good weather and the amazing company of fellow colleagues from Native teams
Here we are enjoying the good weather and the amazing company of fellow colleagues from Native teams

You can participate in keynote speeches, you can organize your own workshop and connect with like-minded people.  You can also stay up-to-date and understand the latest trends among other remote workers. We can’t wait to see you there this year!

Looking for a place to stay for the fest? See our apartments in Bansko.

Nomad Cruise in Europe 

Dates : 29 September – 13 October, 2024 (Canada – Alaska – Japan)

Since 2015 Nomad Cruise has been organizing trips where at least 200 people hop on a cruise for a week or two. The goal is to create an environment to learn and meet digital nomads from all walks of life. You can hobnob with a diverse group of talented and motivated individuals while sailing across the ocean. 

The cruise usually embarks from somewhere in Europe, including Spain, Greece and Italy, and ends in South America or Asia. 

Additionally, it hosts talent shows where participants can pitch business ideas and receive valuable feedback from experts in their field. 

The journey also includes exciting pit stops at places like Crete, Tenerife, Petra or Muscat, where you can indulge in activities like kitesurfing, road-tripping and acro yoga. You’ll also have occasional reunions once the cruise disembarks, like the one in Rome that had over 40 participants in 2023.  

This year the cruise embarks in Canada goes through Alaska and ends in Japan from the 29 September until 13 October.

The Nomad Escape in Portugal 

Dates : 18 April – 24 April, 2024 (Madeira, Portugal)

The Nomad Escape is hosting Build Week from the 18th to the 24th of April on the captivating island of Madeira in Portugal. This is a co-living and co-working program that is designed to enhance your productivity. You can take part in daily standups and help each other stay on track to achieve your goals. There’ll be no distractions with ample space to refocus your energies. 

The location is set in Cabo Girão, perched on a slope overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with breathtaking views. The Cabo Girão viewpoint is a brisk walk away, famous for its glass-suspended platform known as ‘The Skywalk’. This hidden gem offers peace and quiet, while offering a range of modern amenities. 

You can use fully-equipped kitchenettes to whip up meals, share apartments with other guests and enjoy morning meditation and yoga. You can also attend goal-setting workshops, and have access to tennis courts. There’s indoor and outdoor pools, spa facilities and expansive ocean-view areas.

Additionally, The Nomad Escape will be organizing the Nomad Island Fest from 5th to 11th December. Also located in Madeira, you’ll be able to engage with a community of 100+ thriving remote professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs, and soak in beautiful vistas. The festival will conduct peer-to-peer mentoring sessions and provide a platform for you to gain fresh perspectives and exchange insights. The festival offers a money-back guarantee if you find the event unhelpful.

NomadÉire in Ireland

Dates : 28 August – 1 September, 2024 (Tralee, Ireland)

NomadÉire 2024 will be hosting its second edition of the Irish Digital Nomad Conference and NomadÉire Experience in the end of August 2024. Covering everything from lodging options, travels, tax and logistics to visa requirements, this event promises complete guidance in your digital nomad journey. 

There’ll be business coaching for you to enhance your entrepreneurial skills. You can opt for one-on-one sessions and have enriching conversations with mentors from your field.

With a focus on sustainability, you’ll also learn about how to live and travel with an eco-conscious mindset. 

 2nd Nomad Fest in Switzerland

Dates : 8 September – 15 September, 2024 (Saint Bernard, Switzerland)

Head to The 2nd Nomad Fest, which will take place from 8th to 15th September in Saint Bernard. Get a chance to engage and learn – all in the scenic setting of the Swiss Alps. The festival will host up to 80 digital nomads, remote employees and entrepreneurs, where you can pitch ideas and participate in discussions.  You will also have access to co-working spaces, internet and free beverages. 

Besides networking, you can go skiing, enjoy fondue and raclette nights, and relax by bonfires with fellow nomads. Your pass will include local excursions in the region, and entry to an in-house sauna, an indoor pool in Bourg-St-Pierre and an outdoor pool in Champex-Lac. 

It’s a unique opportunity to engage, learn and have fun in one of the most stunning locations in Europe.

RoNomad Fest 2024 in Romania 

Dates : to follow

Romania’s First Digital Nomad Festival, RoNomad Fest in Romania is dedicated to bridging together the global digital nomad community. Romania is known for its rich history, beautiful landscapes and high-speed internet, making it a hub for remote working. 

While all details of the event are yet to be unveiled by the organizers, the festival will include a diverse array of pep talks, networking opportunities and immersive experiences. You’ll get a chance to connect with guests from various countries and receive expert advice from seasoned digital nomads. 

Get ready for an exciting 2024! These upcoming events are perfect for digital nomads looking to connect, learn and travel in beautiful locations worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates!

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