Digital nomads
We love location independent living
Whether you're an experienced digital nomad or just embarking on your location-independent journey, we're here to smooth out the process for you.
We believe a superb stay is built on:
Consistent quality, regardless of location
Clean, comfortable apartments that feel like a second home
Fast, dependable Wi-Fi to keep you connected
Proper workstation / co-working space option

Flataway takes care of your traveling needs

Secure paymens
Handled by Stripe, the premier payment provider for the internet
Digital guide
Get to know the area and the apartment prior your arrival
Flexible stays
For only a day or a year, we’re as flexible as you’re
Easy cancellation
We only have conditions on the time frame


What makes Flataway's accommodations suitable for digital nomads?
Flataway's accommodations are tailored for the digital nomad lifestyle. We ensure consistent quality across all locations, provide clean and comfortable apartments that feel like home, and prioritize fast and dependable Wi-Fi. Additionally, a majority of our apartments come with a proper workstation, and co-working space options are available in many destinations.
What is Flataway's cancellation policy for digital nomads?
Flataway offers an easy cancellation policy, understanding the dynamic nature of a digital nomad's lifestyle. While we do have conditions based on the service that we provide whether that is a bundle, subscription living or a short term stay we have made sure to make our cancellations policy easy and accommodating. Refer to the reservation policy for each service for specific information.
How flexible are the stay durations with Flataway?
Flataway prides itself on its adaptability. Whether you're looking for accommodation for just a day, a few months, or even a year, we're as flexible as you are, catering to the varied needs of the digital nomad community.
How secure is the booking and payment process with Flataway?
Your security is our top priority. Flataway's booking process is fully digital and secure. All payments are handled by Stripe, a premier payment provider renowned for its security and reliability on the internet.
Can I get familiar with the area and apartment before my arrival?
Absolutely! Once you've booked with Flataway, you'll receive a digital guide that provides insights about the area and detailed information about your apartment. This ensures you feel acquainted and comfortable even before you arrive.
How does Flataway ensure the quality of its apartments?
Every apartment listed with Flataway is professionally managed. We vet and partners and properties to ensure they align with our commitment to providing a consistent, top-tier experience for our guests, no matter where they choose to stay.
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