Remote workers
Making remote work, work.
Embracing the remote work lifestyle requires more than just a laptop and stable internet connection. We taught about the added touches that can make you feel more comfortable.
We got your back
Work ready spaces
Our apartments are not just places to sleep, but spaces to live and work. We offer you dedicated workspaces so you can be more productive
Proximity to co-working space or cafes
Working from home is not for everyone, if you want to change the scenery you can pick up some of the nearby coworking options
Balanced living
We understand that maintaining work-life balance can be tricky when your home doubles as your office. Our accommodations are designed to give you separate spaces for relaxation and work, to make this easier on you.
Comprehensive Amenities
We've thought of everything so you don't have to. High-speed WiFi, ample plug sockets, comfortable furniture, a fully equipped kitchen – all combine to offer a seamless live-work environment.

Flataway takes care of your traveling needs

Secure paymens
Handled by Stripe, the premier payment provider for the internet
Digital guide
Get to know the area and the apartment prior your arrival
Flexible stays
For only a day or a year, we’re as flexible as you’re
Easy cancellation
We only have conditions on the time frame


How does Flataway cater to the needs of remote workers?
Flataway understands the unique requirements of remote work. Our apartments are designed not just as places to sleep but as comprehensive live-work spaces. We provide dedicated workspaces in each apartment, ensuring you have a comfortable and productive environment.
What amenities can I expect in a Flataway apartment to support my remote work?
Every Flataway apartment is equipped with high-speed WiFi, ample plug sockets for all your devices, comfortable furniture for extended work sessions, and a fully equipped kitchen for your culinary needs. We've curated these amenities to provide a seamless and efficient live-work environment for our guests.
Does Flataway offer alternatives for remote work?
Absolutely! Recognizing that working from home isn't for everyone, Flataway ensures that our accommodations are in proximity to coworking spaces or cafes. You can easily change your work scenery whenever you need. For bundles and subscription living packages you can also add a coworking membership directly.
Are Flataway's accommodations suitable for long-term remote work stays?
Yes, Flataway's properties are designed with both short-term and long-term stays in mind. With our comprehensive amenities and dedicated workspaces, you'll find everything you need to comfortably work remotely for extended periods.
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