Digital Nomad Visas In Europe

Do you dream of working remotely from some of the most fascinating destinations in the world? Now is your time to pack your bags and head to Europe. 

Many countries are establishing themselves as startup and innovation hubs, so there are plenty of opportunities to connect, collaborate and work.

The digital nomad trend is on the rise, and governments worldwide are introducing special visas to encourage remote workers and skilled professionals to temporarily work within their borders.  You can utilize co-working spaces, attend a range of meet-ups, and hobnob with locals and fellow digital nomads. Europe’s digital nomad programs are truly a gateway to an exciting and fulfilling work-travel experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned digital nomad or are considering becoming one, we can help you discover your ideal destination and plan your next adventure!  

Countries in Europe that offer digital nomad visas 

Several countries, both within and outside of the European Union, have introduced digital nomad visas, including Croatia, Georgia, Iceland, Latvia, The Netherlands, Germany, Estonia, Norway, Malta, Romania, Hungary, Italy and Poland. 

However, with so many options available, choosing the right destination can be overwhelming. Therefore, understanding what is unique about each country is important for you. 

Portugal, for instance, is a top choice due to its digital nomad visa that permits non-EU residents to live and work for up to a year. From surfing spots in Ericeira and to office-friendly cities like Lisbon, it boasts an array of attractions. Spain, on the other hand, ranks high for its excellent healthcare system, but imposes a 15% tax on remote workers after six months. 

While Romania is ever-popular for its impressive internet speed, in Cyprus, non-EU nationals can bring their families along. Although family members are allowed to accompany, they’re not permitted to work. 

The Czech Republic also introduced a digital nomad visa for €104 in 2023, which permits self-employed freelancers and remote employees to work for an initial one-year duration. Following this, you can apply for a residence permit for an additional two years. For Greece, renewals and applications for digital nomad visas must be made from your country of home. 

What should you know before you apply 

Many countries in the Schengen region (including The Netherlands, Germany, Croatia and Estonia) offer visas for only up to 90 days. So when visiting, it’s important to adhere to the time limit and not exceed your stay. 

Alternatively, you can check out our exclusive bundles and combine these countries with those that don’t require Schengen visas and easily extend your time in Europe. In fact, some of us have had the chance to live and work in a few of these countries and have personally witnessed their remarkable digital world and diverse cultures. 

  1. Cyprus

An ideal destination for digital nomads, Cyprus has established itself as a technology haven, with a safe and welcoming environment. Its appealing taxation system allows digital nomads to obtain tax residency within only 60 days. 

The capital city of Nicosia boasts the highest number of co-working spaces, making it great for remote work. Paphos has a small-town charm filled with nature and adventure. It has a growing digital nomad community, cafes to work from and co-working options.

If you’re looking for a mix of island and city life, you can make Limassol your base. Its nightlife, leisure options and picturesque scenery are highly sought-after. Limassol also hosts a diverse international community with a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

  1. Albania 

In Albania, you can apply for a residence permit (often referred to as a Unique Permit), which can be renewed up to five times. Its capital Tirana offers speedy internet, well-kitted coworking options and an inclusive community of expats and digital nomads. Blloku is the most popular neighborhood among foreigners with teeming ambiance, and a variety of restaurants and bars. 

  1. Ireland 

Although Ireland doesn’t grant a digital nomad visa yet, it has a short-stay visa that allows you to spend up to 90 days primarily for tourism purposes. Digital nomads can explore Ireland while working remotely, provided they are not employed by an Irish company. Ireland is known to be safe for women with a vibrant environment, and abundant amenities and attractions. 

  1. Romania 

You can apply for a digital nomad visa that is initially valid for one year. If you’re able to meet the criteria, you can apply for renewal for an additional year. Keep in mind, however, Romania will become a part of Schengen from 31 March 2024.  

The country’s capital, Bucharest is easily accessible from several Schengen countries. There are multiple direct flights from Germany, Spain, Iceland and Portugal, to name a few.  Thanks to its picturesque natural landscapes, speedy internet connectivity, low cost of living, and vibrant, multicultural communities, it’s a dream destination. 

With scenic landscapes, including the Carpathian Mountains, Danube Delta and Transylvanian forest (often known as Europe’s Yellowstone), it has become a popular destination for digital nomads. With almost every cafe equipped with reliable WiFi, Romania is known to offer some of the fastest internet speeds in Europe, with an average of 64 Mbp download and 19 Mbp upload (mobile). Plus, public transport is easily accessible. 

  1. Bulgaria 

While Bulgaria does not offer a dedicated visa to digital nomads yet, if you reside in any of the European Union countries you can still enter, live and work here for 90 days. If you’re a digital nomad or remote worker, there’s an exciting opportunity to shape the future of travel in Bulgaria. You can share your insights on the creation of the Bulgarian Digital Nomad Visa here.

In fact, Bulgaria will also be joining Schengen 31st March 2024 onwards so keep that in mind when planning your travels.    

Remember that finding the ideal location for your digital nomad lifestyle requires careful consideration and thorough research. Each country presents unique opportunities and constraints, so take the time to understand what suits your personal and professional needs best.

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