Hidden Gems: 20 Free Activities Across Europe

Europe is a treasure trove of experiences, each corner offering something unique and unforgettable. With a rich tapestry of culture, history, and breathtaking landscapes, this continent […]

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Top Destinations For Digital Nomad Families

Living as a digital nomad family can be both challenging and very rewarding. Seeing your kids explore the world with you while forming relationships with friends […]

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Exploring Budapest: Digital Nomad’s Mini Guide

Budapest, often quoted as ‘The Pearl of the Danube’, is an enthralling destination that has captivated the hearts of travelers. It’s not the first one that […]

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Guide : the Azores, Algarve and Granada

Those three destinations are not usually the first ones to come when someone talks about Spain and Portugal. However.. They are full of charm and we […]

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Digital Nomad Hubs: Where to Find the Best Communities

The digital nomad trend has also to the creation of vibrant, thriving communities in cities around the globe. Earlier last week we shared some great online […]

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5 countries to clear your Schengen days in Europe

The Schengen Agreement is a pact between 27 countries, mostly in Europe, which makes traveling between them much easier. The agreement eliminates border checks, allowing you […]

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How to choose your first digital nomad destination

Are you just starting your digital nomad journey? Picking up the first place you want to go is not always easy and straightforward, especially when you […]

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Digital nomad guide to Bulgaria 

Hip urban atmosphere, beautiful seaside coast and snowy mountains all in one place? Bulgaria is the place for you! Some might say we’re biased because we’re […]

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