Top Destinations For Digital Nomad Families

Living as a digital nomad family can be both challenging and very rewarding. Seeing your kids explore the world with you while forming relationships with friends from all over can be very exciting.

Choosing the next destination is an important part of nomading as a family because you need to consider everything from the good internet connection, to community and education for your children. 

In this article we explore the top European countries for digital nomad families. Each destination has been selected based on four criterias : affordability, safety, outdoor activities and walkability. We’ll dive into the details and explore ways of living life like a local in each place. 

Madrid, Spain

City hall of Madrid and Plaza de Cibeles

Madrid, the vibrant capital city of Spain, emerges as an ideal destination for digital nomad families searching for a blend of rich cultural heritage, excellent quality of life, and a thriving remote work community. Its mild climate, world-renowned art museums, and lush green spaces offer a stimulating environment for both work and leisure.


According to Numbeo, the average cost of living for a family of four in Madrid is estimated to be around €2,500 to €3,000 per month excluding rent. 

Rent for a comfortable, family-sized apartment in a decent neighborhood averages between €900 and €1,500 per month, depending on the location and amenities. This makes Madrid a relatively affordable option for digital nomad families considering the city’s high quality of life and the array of cultural experiences it offers.

Outdoor Activities
  • Families can explore the sprawling Retiro Park, a green oasis in the heart of the city that hosts puppet shows, boating, and leisurely walks around its scenic pond and gardens.
  • The Madrid Rio is another urban outdoor space where families can enjoy cycling, rollerblading, or simply picnicking by the river.
  • For a more cultural outdoor experience, the Royal Palace of Madrid offers exquisite gardens to explore.
  • The Templo de Debod, an ancient Egyptian temple relocated to Madrid, provides a unique historical outdoor adventure.

Madrid is consistently ranked as one of the safest cities in Europe for expatriates and their families. According to the latest Nomad List safety rankings, Madrid boasts a high safety score, reflecting the city’s low crime rates and efficient public safety measures. This reassuring level of security is a significant factor for digital nomad families, providing peace of mind that allows them to explore the city’s offerings and integrate into the local community with confidence. The presence of a reliable healthcare system and easy access to medical services further contribute to Madrid’s appeal as a secure destination for families living and working remotely.


Madrid’s layout and public infrastructure earn it an impressive walkability score, underscoring the city’s conveniences and the ease with which residents can access goods, services, and attractions on foot. The compact nature of Madrid’s historic center, combined with its expansive network of pedestrian-friendly streets and public squares, means that families can comfortably explore much of the city without the need for a car. 

Azores, Portugal

Viewpoint of Ponta da Madrugada

The Azores, an archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, presents a unique blend of breathtaking landscapes, marine life, and a mild climate year-round. It’s an ideal location for digital nomad families who value nature and adventure alongside a peaceful lifestyle.


Living in the Azores is relatively economical, with the cost of living for a family of four estimated to be significantly lower than on mainland Europe. Expenses for a month can range between €1,800 to €2,400 excluding rent, while rental for a spacious family home can vary from €600 to €1,000 per month. This cost-effective living, combined with the natural beauty and serene life, makes the Azores an attractive option for families. 

Outdoor Activities
  • Whale watching and dolphin encounters are among the most unforgettable experiences for families in the Azores.
  • Hiking trails across Sao Miguel Island showcase stunning views of volcanic craters and serene lakes.
  • Thermal hot springs, like those in Furnas, offer a natural spa experience.

The Azores are noted for their low crime rate and friendly locals, making it a safe and welcoming place for families. The islands have a good healthcare system, with medical facilities readily accessible for both residents and visitors.


While the islands themselves are not highly walkable due to their rugged terrain and dispersed attractions, the towns offer walkable centers. Renting a vehicle is recommended for exploring the islands fully.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava Castle

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, combines rich history with modern living. It’s appealing for nomad families looking for an affordable European city with a compact, walkable old town and access to nature.


The living cost for a family in Bratislava, excluding rent, falls pleasantly around €2,700 a month. The real estate market is quite reasonable, with family accommodations ranging from €700 to €1,000 per month, making Bratislava a tempting choice for digital nomad families seeking a blend of affordability and quality of life.

Outdoor Activities
  • Bratislava Castle, with its expansive grounds, offers panoramic views and a green space for children to play.
  • The Danube River provides recreational opportunities including cycling paths and boat trips.

Bratislava is considered safe with a low crime rate. Slovakia’s healthcare system is reliable, ensuring access to quality medical care for families.


The city scores high on walkability, especially in the Old Town area. Its narrow lanes and pedestrian zones make it comfortable to explore by foot.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, known for its stunning architecture and thermal baths, is an attractively affordable city for digital nomads. With a vibrant cultural scene and high-quality life, it’s a favorable option for families.


The city is considered highly affordable, with a family of four monthly living costs excluding rent estimated between €2,000 and €2,500. Rent for a comfortable apartment in a good neighborhood ranges from €800 to €1,200 per month, allowing families to enjoy a high quality of life at reasonable costs.

Outdoor Activities
  • Margaret Island serves as a recreational haven in the heart of Budapest, with playgrounds, swimming pools, and running tracks.
  • City parks like City Park (Városliget) offer space for picnics and outdoor sports.

Budapest is generally safe with a straightforward approach to personal security. Hungary’s healthcare system is competent, with several hospitals offering services in English.


The city center is pedestrian-friendly, and there is an extensive public transportation network for accessing broader areas.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

View of the historical city centre with Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana stands out as the green capital of Slovenia, offering an exceptional quality of life, extensive green spaces, and a focus on sustainability. It’s an ideal spot for families wanting a quiet, eco-friendly base.


For a family planning to call Ljubljana home, monthly living expenses (excluding rent) can be expected to fall between €2,100 and €2,700. The rental market provides ample options for family-sized accommodation at monthly rates from €700 to €1,100, positioning Ljubljana as an economically viable choice for digital nomad families.

Outdoor Activities
  • Tivoli Park is Ljubljana’s largest and most beautiful park, perfect for family outings and nature walks.
  • The Ljubljanica River offers opportunities for paddle boarding and canoeing in the city center.

Ljubljana is very safe, with a supportive local community and a high standard of living. The healthcare system is robust, providing effective medical services.


The city prides itself on its pedestrian-only city center, making it exceptionally walkable and conducive to family strolls and bicycle rides.

Athens, Greece

View to Lykavittos Hill in Athens

Athens combines a rich tapestry of ancient history with the vibrancy of modern living, making it an alluring destination for families living and working remotely.


The cost of living for a family in Athens is both appealing and modest, with estimates for monthly expenses (excluding rent) around €2,800. Renting a comfortable family home can cost between €800 and €1,200 per month, offering a balance between experiencing rich cultural history and managing living costs effectively.

Outdoor Activities
  • Philosophical walks around the ancient Agora and the Acropolis allow for a unique blend of education and physical activity.
  • The Attica Zoological Park and numerous public gardens present opportunities for leisure and learning about nature and wildlife.

Athens is generally safe, with particular emphasis on tourist and residential areas maintaining high security standards. Families can feel at ease exploring the city, with local authorities and the community promoting a secure environment.


The Greek capital boasts a comfortable walkability score, attributed to its blend of historical paths and modern sidewalks. The accessibility of goods, services, and iconic landmarks on foot, especially around areas like Plaka and Monastiraki, encourages families to immerse themselves in the city’s rich cultural tapestry. Athens’s initiative to pedestrianize significant parts of its historical center further boosts its appeal as a walkable city, enabling families to engage with its history and contemporary offerings in an intimately sustainable manner.

What is the perfect destination for your family?

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