European Itinerary For Digital Nomads

Since some of us call Europe our home and have experienced its incredible digital landscape first-hand, we’ve got an itinerary ready for you. With our bundles you can live in a bunch of cities on a single trip without having to worry about multiple bookings and lost time on a platform when instead you can explore around town. So let’s explore the Jenny from the Block bundle that will take you on a journey through Sofia, Bucharest and Warsaw. 

To fully witness its charm, we recommend staying in each city for a month, setting a routine and living like a true local as much as possible.

Keep reading to find out more about our Europe itinerary for digital nomads 

First stop: Sofia

Boasting lively restaurants, fascinating culture and a thriving post-office nightlife, Sofia promises an exciting balance of work and adventure. If you love being in nature, Vitosha mountain is a short drive away from Sofia : whether it’s for a walk, a picnic around one of many huts or a full day away from the city. You can enjoy all of it, while making the city your base. 

Bulgaria boasts the fastest 5G internet download speed in Central Eastern Europe and is home to a supportive and vibrant expat community. You can embrace a luxurious lifestyle without breaking the bank. An average meal here currently costs no more than 8 EUR. Not to mention, you can visit the country even without a Schengen visa (for now). However, keep in mind that from the 31st of March Bulgaria will be part of the Schengen zone if you travel via air or water routes. 

To dive into the beating heart of the city, there’s no place better than the City Center. Indulge in a variety of cultural events at the National Palace of Culture or stop for refreshments at its onsite cafe, Peroto, which is known as a literary hub and a hangout spot for several remote workers. Make sure to have a walk through the streets around Slaveykov square and Vitosha street to experience the city’s charm.  

When it’s time to work, grab your laptops and head to coffee shops like Altruist and Barista Coffee and more, where you can spend productive afternoons while hobnobbing with fellow nomads. The list of coworking spaces and work friendly cafes is long and full of gems so we’ll keep that for another blog post. 

Teeming with yoga studios, chic boutiques, coffee shops and brunch spots, Lozenets is a much sought-after neighbourhood for those seeking a healthy work-life balance. Upper Lozenets is preferred especially by travelers for its long stays and housing options. Art enthusiasts will also love the +359 Gallery that is set within an old water tower and features contemporary art.

We also suggest heading out for a delicious cup of coffee in the morning at Cakey Bakey, a chic cafe with a downstairs meeting area. If you’re there make sure to have a walk around since you’ll be right in the city center. A 10 minutes walk from there will take you to Shishman street that is full with independent art shops and bakeries.

A 2-hour car ride will take you to Bansko, on the foot of the Pirin Mountains, inside the Pirin National Park. If you’re there in June you’ll be able to experience the annual Bansko Nomad Fest, a vibrant week-long event dedicated to celebrating and promoting location-independent lifestyles. You can partake in engaging keynote speeches, connect with hundreds of fellow remote workers and have the best time. Coworking Bansko is one the most prominent communities for digital nomads.

Whether you’re indulging in work, cultural pursuits or culinary delights, Sofia provides a dynamic backdrop for a well-rounded nomadic experience. 

Bucharest is a quick, 1-hour flight from here with TAROM airline. For a scenic route take the bus or car (both take nearly 6 hours) or hop on the  Bulgarian Railways for a 9-hour train ride.  

Want to experience Sofia on its own? Book a short stay

Next: Bucharest

In Bucharest entrepreneurs are flourishing, and establishing businesses and creative hubs. Internet connectivity is both swift and easily available, with nearly every coffee shop and restaurant equipped with WiFi. In fact, Romania boasts some of Europe’s fastest internet speeds, averaging 64 Mbp download and 19 Mbp upload (mobile). 

There are many co-working spaces including Commons that provides a comfortable and chic environment, with relaxed office spaces and stylish designs. Public transit is easily accessible, allowing you to explore the capital without hassle. There are also various cafes and restaurants for some post-office R&R. Commons also serves free tea and hand-roasted South American coffee, along with amenities like an outdoor terrace and a yoga studio.

Another notable space is Impact Hub, which features modern interiors and spacious desks. It provides a relaxed atmosphere for those looking for a chilled-out workspace. The venue frequently hosts events, allowing networking opportunities where you can interact with a diverse international community.

Visit the Carturesti Carusel bookstore. A six-story structure, it houses a collection of 10,000 books.. Old Town is a delightful experience. Buzzing with activity, it is home to significant monuments. There is also a popular shopping avenue, dotted with landmarks like the old court church and Caru’ cu Bere.

Explore the vibrant city and visit the gorgeous Herastrau Park, especially if you’re there in the Spring months. Don’t miss out on the city’s outdoor cafes and farmers’ markets, which brim with fresh produce and local delicacies, offering a truly authentic Bucharest spring experience.

A brief train journey takes you to many destinations, including the picturesque Black Sea, the Carpathian Mountains, and Dracula’s castle. Witness volcanic mudflats, Vacaresti Nature Park, Merry Cemetery and Salina Turda, a colossal underground salt mine transformed into an amusement park. 

Next, head to Warsaw, which is a 2-hour direct flight from Bucharest. Popular airlines include LOT Polish Airlines, Swiss Airways and Lufthansa. You can also hop on a day-long bus. 

Want to experience Bucharest on its own? Book a short stay

Final destination: Warsaw

Warsaw is an eclectic hub for digital nomads worldwide, perfect to connect with fellow travellers and expand your social circle. Spring in Warsaw remains a budget-friendly time to explore the city, with lower airfares and accommodation rates. The pleasant weather enhances the city’s charm, allowing you to leisurely marvel at attractions. 

Take advantage of its impressive average fixed broadband speed of 133 Mbps for downloads and 42 Mbps for uploads. You’ll also find free Wi-Fi spots in various locations, including bus and tram stations, hotels, cafes, restaurants, libraries, parks, shopping malls and the city center. 

There are more than 70 free libraries and cafes equipped with speedy internet. Co-working spaces are also available. Wrzenie Świata is a bookstore and coffee shop especially loved by writers. Google Campus serves a vibrant space with super-fast internet, existing activities and gigs focused on business, tech, and the internet. 

The Warsaw Pass provides special access to 20 key sights in the city. You can explore attractions including the POLIN Museum, the Palace of Culture and Science and the Copernicus Science Centre while enjoying free public transportation.  There’s also complimentary access to numerous museums on select dates. 

Go on a bar crawl after a tiring day at work and witness Warsaw’s dynamic nightlife first-hand. The city’s lively pub scene is a relaxed setting for globetrotters to mingle and unwind. 

Want to experience Warsaw on its own? Book a short stay

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