Top 5 yoga studios in Sofia

You picked Sofia as your next destination but you’re not sure where to practice yoga while you’re in town? I got you covered, keep reading to find my favorite yoga places in Sofia. 

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It’s not always easy to keep up with our routines when we’re traveling. Especially the routines involving exercising and being active. We’re so excited about a new city and all the things we can see, that we often forget to intentionally move our bodies and to stay healthy. There are so many options for gyms, studios, sports clubs and they’re all new to us that even when we want to stay active it’s hard to choose the right one. 

For the past year I’ve been way more consistent with my practice and I visited many yoga studios before finding the ones that feel right for me. So I’m sharing my personal favorites and hopefully they’ll be useful for you too. 

*A note for all these : make sure to avoid after work hours when it can get quite crowded. 

Yoga vibe

You can choose between 5 different locations in Sofia but a personal favorite is the one located in San Stefano plaza right in the city center. The studio has 3 halls and offers various yoga classes (vinyasa, hatha, ashtanga etc.) on different difficulty levels. This was the studio where I first started and can confirm that the choice they offer is amazing both for beginners and advanced levels. Some classes are in english. If you want to switch it up, their schedule also includes pilates and full body workouts. Sometimes during weekends they also have special practices like tribal fusion dances, breathwork and meditation workshops etc. 

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Santosha yoga

Santosha also has 2 locations. The one in Lozenets is one of the most beautiful and well thought yoga studios I have ever been in. The halls are very big, with a lot of natural light and hip interior. They have a variety of yoga classes and there is something for everyone. I highly recommend going 15-20 mins earlier for your class so you can grab a cup of tea and relax in the main area. The space also provides different workshops and you can even book a massage there. 

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Yoga district

Like with the previous two, Yoga district has a couple of locations in Sofia. Interesting fact is that they’re all in different types of buildings so it’s a very different experience depending on which one you choose. For example the one on Vitosha boulevard is in an old apartment building and the studio occupies 2 floors of it. Each room has a different vibe all tailored to make you forget about the outside world for a bit and enjoy the class. Keep in mind that the halls in these locations are smaller than other places so definitely make sure you book in advance. 

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Calma yoga studio 

This is a relatively new, smaller independent studio located in Izgrev 10 minutes away from the city center with the subway. It has only one hall and it’s generally less crowded than other spaces but it’s equally good. There are not only yoga and pilates classes but also exciting events like tarot cards workshops. The team is full of talented people from yoga teachers to sound therapists and hiit experts. Additionally you can also book a massage in the studio. 

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This studio offers not only yoga classes but also aerobics, zumba and kangoo jumps so if you’re in the mood for something different that’s the place for you. It’s not in the city center but a quick tram ride and you’ll reach it. The atmosphere of the studio with its big french windows makes it worth the visit. Most of the yoga classes are also in English so that’s a plus. 

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Before wrapping up this article, it’s worth mentioning that there are yoga events organized outside the studios like rooftop yoga or yoga in the park. Make sure to check the events tab on Facebook to see those events and stay up to date.

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