Subscription Living:

Redefining Home For Global Citizens

In an era where the traditional boundaries of work and lifestyle are increasingly blurred, a revolution in how we perceive our home is underway.

Enter Subscription Living, a concept aimed at those who dare to dream of a life unconfined by geographical boundaries. It merges the flexibility of short-term rentals with the stability of traditional leases, offering a seamless solution for the modern nomad.

The Story

Flataway Was Born With The Mission To Facilitate Location Independent Lifestyle

We are a team of young professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in property management. Over the last 8 years we saw a massive shift in the landscape of work and living. We closely observed the unique challenges and aspirations of individuals eager to merge their professional goals with their love for travel. With this in mind, we set out to redefine the concept of home for the global citizen.
We aimed to create a comprehensive lifestyle solution, one that empowers individuals to:
  • Еxplore freely, changing their location.
  • Work efficiently from home, on their own schedule.
  • Live fully, without the constraints of traditional rent or the uncertainty of a random host.

The essence of Subscription Living

Imagine a life where planning your next adventure is as simple as picking your next destination, without the hassle of securing accommodation.

Subscription Living is designed for those who value their freedom. This model offers the peace of mind of traditional renting - knowing your expenses upfront, combined with the adaptability required by the modern, mobile lifestyle.
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Subscription Living — a lifestyle choice for:

Digital Nomads & Slomads
Handled by Stripe, the premier payment provider for the internet
Remote working people
Be productive anywhere with our tailored spaces
Gap year & sabbatical explorers
Explore the world without searching endlessly for apartments.
Retirees with wanderlus
Discover unseen places and cultures with ease

The new paradigm in living & working remotely

Whether you're relocating for a long-term project at work or temporary studies, Flatаway has got everything covered so you can focus on settling down and embracing your new life chapter as an expat.

Flexible Duration

Choose from a few weeks to a year, tailoring your stay to your exact needs.


Effortlessly shift between locations, embracing the true essence of a nomadic lifestyle.


A fixed monthly fee, inclusive of utilities and services, eliminating surprises.

Flexible Duration

Fully furnished spaces, high-speed Wi-Fi and dedicated workstations, every detail is curated for the remote worker.


Experience hassle-free living with professionally managed properties and a single point of contact for all your needs.

How do Plans & Bundles work?


Choose / Customize Your Bundle

Find your perfect adventure with Flataway Bundles! Choose from our expertly curated selection or draw inspiration to create a personalized bundle.

Get Accommodation Offers

Receive a curated selection of accommodations for your destination within 24 hours. Review and choose the ones that feel like home at your leisure.

Confirm with Initial Payment

Love your selections? Secure your booking and lock in your accommodations by making the initial payment, setting your adventure in motion.

Choose a Plan & Make it Yours

Pick a plan that suits you best. Choose your start date, accommodation type, and initial destination to tailor your journey.

Get Accommodation Offers

Receive a curated selection of accommodations for your destination within 24 hours. Review and choose the ones that feel like home at your leisure. 

Confirm with Initial Payment

Love your selections? Secure your booking and lock in your accommodations by making the initial payment, setting your adventure in motion.

Why Flataway?

Flexibility at Its Core: Plans vs. Bundles

Understanding the diverse needs of our community, we offer both plans and bundles. While both ensure a consistent monthly rate and access to top-tier, remote-work-friendly accommodations, they cater to different desires for flexibility. Plans allow you to select your initial destination and keep your journey open-ended, while bundles provide a structured itinerary with fixed destinations and durations, perfect for those who prefer a more defined path. 

Seamless selection process

We eliminate the overwhelm of choice by curating accommodations that match your needs, sparing you from the endless scrolling and decision fatigue familiar to users of platforms like Airbnb. Our extensive network of professional property managers ensures a plethora of options, tailored to your preferences and delivered directly to you for selection.

Commitment made flexible

Understanding the unpredictable nature of life, we offer the flexibility to cancel any plan or bundle within 30 days of the start date, ensuring peace of mind with a 100% refund policy. Early planning not only secures better pricing but guarantees the availability of the best accommodations.

A vision for the Future

Flataway envisions a world where the freedom to live and work anywhere is not just a possibility or a marketing slogan, but a seamless aspect of everyday life. Subscription Living is more than a service - it's a commitment to empower the global community of explorers, dreamers, and professionals to embrace a boundless lifestyle.

Join us in the Location Independent Lifestyle revolution

Frequently Asked Quesitons

What is subscription living?
Subscription living allows you to pay a fixed monthly rent, but live in different locations around the world.
How does Subscription Living differ from traditional renting?
Unlike traditional renting where costs can fluctuate and require hours of searching, negotiations, and hefty deposit fees, Subscription Living offers a fixed monthly rent for your entire stay and the ability to change destinations.. This provides budgeting stability and eliminates common rental hassles like scams and negotiations.
How does Subscription Living differ from extended travel?
With extended travel accommodation costs can fluctuate greatly between different locations, making budgeting a difficult task. It requires a lot of research, talking to different hosts and ultimately you always travel with a degree of uncertainty. Will the place be as advertised? Will the host help me if there’s a problem or emergency? Subscription Living offers a fixed monthly rent for your entire journey, verified professionally managed apartments only and a 24/7 expert travel assistant to ensure you have a great experience wherever you are in the world.
Can I try Subscription Living before committing long-term?
Yes! We offer predefined bundles for shorter stays with fixed monthly prices. This allows you to experience the benefits of Subscription Living without a long-term commitment.
What amenities can I expect in my apartment?
All our properties are professionally managed, fully serviced, and independent apartments. They are equipped with essentials for a comfortable work-life balance. Depending on your preference, you can opt for studios, one-bedroom apartments, or even larger spaces if you're moving with family or pets.
What is the difference between subscription living and if I book all my apartments on other platforms like Airbnb?
First, we make it a lot easier for your living expenses budget by offering a fixed monthly rent regardless of the location. Also, with Flataway there’s no chance you stumble upon a misrepresented property or an absent host, since we only work with vetted professionals. Your entire journey is facilitated by our team of expert travel assistants, available 24/7 for you wherever you are. Oh, and yes, we are cheaper than Airbnb and we don’t charge any service fees!
Can I choose my apartment type?
Certainly! You have the freedom to select the type of apartment that best suits your needs, from studios to larger family-friendly options.
Are pets allowed in Subscription Living properties?
Yes, we understand the importance of (furry) friends in many people's lives. We offer options that accommodate pets.
How do I make payments for my Subscription Living plan?
Payments for Subscription Living are made easy and secure through Stripe, one of the most trusted online payment platforms. Once you choose your preferred plan, you'll be guided through a seamless payment process, ensuring your financial details are safe. After the initial payment, the subscription living fee will be due each month and charged automatically to your card on file.
What is your cancellation policy?
We understand that plans can change, and flexibility is essential. That's why we've designed a friendly cancellation policy to provide peace of mind. If you need to cancel or adjust your booking, just reach out to our support team, and they'll guide you through the process. For most plans you will be able to cancel your subscription within 45 days. Detailed information of the cancelation policy is available in the reservations policy.
Is high-speed internet included?
Yes, all our properties come with high-speed internet, ensuring you stay connected for work and leisure.
Can I change my location within the subscription period?
Yes, our plans offer the flexibility to change locations monthly, subject to availability and plan terms. For the bundles you need to set your itinerary for the whole bundle.
Are utilities included in the monthly fee?
Absolutely, all essential utilities are included in the monthly fee, with no extra charges.
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