Philosophy & Methodology

We are extremely diligent when it comes to cleaning. We have standardized cleaning procedures and due to COVID-19 we have taken all the extra steps to ensure maximum hygiene.

You can get aquainted with our standards below and as of the first of June all of our apartments are sprayed with Liquid Guard. Liquid Guard  is an innovative Nano Technology and provides a shielding coat on surfaces. Learn more about them on their website.

Cleaning team preparation

  1. Teams are wearing masks and gloves throughout the entire process, from the moment they enter the building, until they are outside the building.
  2. Cleaning and disinfecting products should contain chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, iodophors, or alcohols. They are approved by the relevant local authority.

Entire apartment:

  1. Mop the floors with disinfecting material
  2. Disinfect window, window blinds and door handles (also the area around them)
  3. Disinfect light switches
  4. Disinfect the cleaning equipment for guests (vacuum cleaner, mop, broom)
  5. Clean and disinfect lamp bases & shades, fans, and light fixtures
  6. Wipe down all mirrors and picture frames
  7. Wipe down chairs, tables, drawers, libraries and other furniture.
  8. Wipe down electronics and disinfect any remote controls
  9. Check the washing machine and make sure it’s empty; wipe it down.
  10. Turn on TVs, make sure they are functioning well and set to an appropriate channel.
  11. Check lockbox for keys.
  12. Set AC/heating temperature according to seasonal instructions.
  13. Throughout the cleaning process all windows and doors must remain open. Make sure you close them when leaving the apartment.
  14. Disposable products (disinfecting wipes, paper towels and others) should be sealed in trash bags and thrown away.

Kitchen guidelines

  1. Wipe down all countertops, surfaces, cabinets, drawers, the faucet, the sink, as well as any detergent left for the guests to use
  2. Take out the trash and wipe down the trash bin
  3. Replace used kitchen supplies – paper towels, dish soap, hand soap, sponges
  4. Make sure the dishwasher is clean and empty and wipe down the exterior and the buttons
  5. Wash all dishes and utensils
  6. Clean and disinfect silverware
  7. Make sure the refrigerator and freezer are clean and empty, wipe them down
  8. Check the oven for cleanliness; disinfect all handles, knobs, the door
  9. Wipe down the hot plates and any knobs and buttons
  10. Thoroughly clean and disinfect all small appliances:
  • coffee maker
  • blender
  • microwave
  •  toaster

Living/dining room

  1. Apply disinfecting spray to the couch. Sofa beds should be extended and vacuumed.
  2. Vacuum the floor under the couch, chairs, tables


  1. Strip all used sheets and bedding and seal them in a plastic bag.
  2. Spray the entire bed with disinfecting material
  3. Wipe down headboards, bedframes and nightstands
  4. Check and wipe down the closet. Dust the shelves.


  1. Clean and disinfect counters, sink, faucet, mirrors, shower cabin
  2. Check and clean the medicine cabinet, throwing away any forgotten items
  3. Thoroughly clean and disinfect the bathtub, wipe down the knobs and faucets
  4. Clean the drain
  5. Ensure the toilet is spotless and functioning well and disinfect it completely, including the base, lid, handle and seat
  6. Clean and spray the bathroom ventilator
  7. Empty trash bin and wipe it down
  8. Dispose of used toilet paper rolls and hotel cosmetics and provide new one
  9. We are applying a permanent antimicrobial coating to all of our properties. This is an award-winning nanotechnology which acts as an invisible antiviral seal of the surface where it is applied. No virus will be able to remain in our properties.

Balconies and exterior

  1. Remove dust and dirt
  2. Wipe down any outdoor furniture

Forgotten items

  1. Seal any forgotten items in a plastic bag and deliver the contents to the office
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