Groningen, located in the northern Netherlands, is a vibrant university city known for its youthful energy and cultural diversity. The city is characterized by its historic architecture, including the striking Martinitoren and the Groninger Museum, which showcases modern and contemporary art. Groningen’s large student population contributes to its lively atmosphere, evident in its bustling cafes, vibrant music scene, and numerous cultural events. The city is also a leader in sustainability, with extensive cycling paths and green initiatives. Groningen combines the charm of a historic Dutch city with the dynamism of a modern urban center, making it an appealing destination for visitors of all ages.

Best month May Ideal weather for exploring and activities
Average internet speed 55 Mbps
Flataway beer index
Places to work from
Best taxi app Uber
Population 233K
Tipping 5%-10%
Mobile data(~10gb) €20-€30/month
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