Florianópolis, the capital of Brazil’s Santa Catarina state, is largely situated on Santa Catarina Island. Renowned for its beaches, surfing spots, and vibrant nightlife, Florianópolis (or “Floripa,” as it’s affectionately known) combines the allure of a bustling city with laid-back island vibes. The city is divided into a Northern and a Southern part, offering diverse experiences from luxurious resorts to traditional fishing villages. Florianópolis’ stunning natural landscapes, including lagoons, sand dunes, and nature trails, make it a favorite destination among outdoor enthusiasts.

Best month January Ideal weather for exploring and activities
Average internet speed 15Mbps
Flataway beer index
Places to work from
Best taxi app uber
Population 500k
Tipping 10%
Mobile data(~10gb) 9
Bundles with Florianópolis included
Salsa, Samba & Tango
One-Bedroom · Studio · Two-Bedroom
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Buenos Aires
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From €709 / month
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