Bordeaux, nestled in the heart of France’s renowned wine region, is a city synonymous with fine wine and elegant architecture. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is famed for its Gothic Cathédrale Saint-André, 18th-century mansions, and public gardens lining the curving river quays. The city is a haven for wine enthusiasts, offering numerous vineyard tours and tastings. Bordeaux’s revitalized waterfront, vibrant cultural scene, and exquisite cuisine make it a top destination for those seeking a blend of historical grandeur and contemporary lifestyle. It’s a city where every corner has a story to tell, especially for those with a passion for wine and history.

Best month May Ideal weather for exploring and activities
Average internet speed 40 Mbps
Flataway beer index
Places to work from
Best taxi app Uber
Population 257K
Tipping 5%-10%
Mobile data(~10gb) €15-€25/month
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