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Sun Soaked Escape
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Duration: 4 weeks
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Created by: Mickelle Sleyster


I’m Mickelle, a Midwest girl turned international traveler and digital nomad. Over the past four years, I’ve been creating content while exploring 34 countries and over 220 cities. While most of my adventures have been solo, I’ve always managed to find friends along the way.

I thrive on being outdoors, immersing myself in nature, admiring historic architecture, and indulging in diverse culinary experiences. As a solo female traveler, comfort and community are paramount to me. That’s why when it comes to travel, I prioritize destinations that offer a perfect blend of all these elements.

My favorite cities are the ones that combine everything I love – from breathtaking natural landscapes to rich history and culture, along with a welcoming community vibe. For me, it’s not just about the places I visit, but the experiences and connections I make along the journey.

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Discover the ultimate blend of mountains, beaches, and city vibes in Split and Valencia – the perfect duo for digital nomads. With cozy cafes, the sparkling Mediterranean sea, and a vibrant city scene, these cities are perfect for solo explorers or first-time travelers.

Enjoy over 300 days of sunshine and live your best beach life every day. After visiting 34 countries, I can confidently say that Split and Valencia are my top picks. I also have spent 10 months each in both of these locations, so I will be giving all the insider secrets.

So pack your sunscreen, grab your shades and your trusty laptop, and get ready to unwind and enjoy a coastal pace of life.

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