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European Heartbeat
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Duration: 20 weeks
Destinations order: fixed

Immerse yourself in the pulsating rhythm of the Old Continent with our “European Heartbeat” stay bundle. Begin your cultural exploration in Wroclaw, a Polish gem teeming with Gothic grandeur. Drift to Prague, where enchanting architecture weaves tales of the past. Marvel at the imperial allure of Vienna, the music capital of the world. Experience the vibrant mix of old and new in Bratislava, a burst of Slovakian charm. Conclude your journey in Budapest, where thermal baths and ruin pubs create a unique Hungarian mosaic. “European Heartbeat” is your passport to the cultural treasures hidden in the heart of Europe. Listen closely, Europe’s heart beats for you!

Bed linen & towels
Fast Wi-Fi
Fully equipped kitchen
Laptop friendly workspace
Private bathroom
Washing machine
Wireless internet
5 months x €1615
First month €1615
only few left from this type
* No credit card required! You will only be charged after we give you all the details on the booking and you agree.

How it works

Payments & cancellations

Full refund if cancellation made 30 days before the starting date of the bundle.
No refund if cancellation made within 30 days of the starting date of the bundle.
To confirm the purchase of the bundle payment equal to one month to be made if booked 15 days before starting date. 15 days before starting date a second payment will be requested and must be paid before the starting date.
To confirm the purchase of the bundle a payment equal to two months to be made if booked within 15 days to starting date.
In cases of cancellations made within 15 days from starting date when a payment equal to two months is made, the guest can stay at the scheduled property and destination of the first month.
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