Bundles Black Sea to Atlantic: Coastal Charms
Black Sea to Atlantic: Coastal Charms
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per month
Starting months:   December · January · February · March
Duration: 12 weeks
Destinations order: fixed

Discover the allure of coastal living with a uniquely curated three-month bundle encompassing the charming cities of Varna, Burgas and Porto. Kick-start your journey with a month in Varna, Bulgaria, where the waves of the Black Sea will play a perfect background for your working setup. The adventure continues in Burgas, where for a month you’ll be enchanted by its rich maritime history, fascinating museums and vibrant festivals. The final leg of your three-month remote journey brings you to Porto, Portugal, renowned for its historic port wine industry and its stunning Douro River vistas. What binds these three cities together is their shared identity as vital seaports, their intimate relationship with the sea providing a soothing rhythm of life, and their breathtaking coastal beauty offering the perfect setting for an unforgettable mix of work and travel.

Bed linen & towels
Fully equipped kitchen
Laptop friendly workspace
Private bathroom
Washing machine
Wireless internet
3 months x €1171
First month €1171
only few left from this type
* No credit card required! You will only be charged after we give you all the details on the booking and you agree.

How it works

Payments & cancellations

Full refund if cancellation made 30 days before the starting date of the bundle.
No refund if cancellation made within 30 days of the starting date of the bundle.
To confirm the purchase of the bundle payment equal to one month to be made if booked 15 days before starting date. 15 days before starting date a second payment will be requested and must be paid before the starting date.
To confirm the purchase of the bundle a payment equal to two months to be made if booked within 15 days to starting date.
In cases of cancellations made within 15 days from starting date when a payment equal to two months is made, the guest can stay at the scheduled property and destination of the first month.
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