Balkan Capitals
€ 3196 total amount
Duration: 4 months
Destinations order: fixed

Experience the rich culture and history of Eastern Europe with this unique bundle that will take you on a remote working journey through two of its most vibrant capitals – Sofia, Bulgaria, and Bucharest, Romania. Spend two memorable months in Sofia – a city couched in the shadows of Vitosha Mountain, where diverse architectural styles and ancient history coexist amidst a modern and lively urban environment. Then, transition to two exhilarating months in Bucharest, a city that beautifully marries its past and present, from the compelling Old Town to the grandeur of its modern constructions. This bundle is suitable for digital nomads that like to taking things slowly and enjoy their time at a destination longer. If you prefer a vibrant urban atmosphere and want to test some of the fastest internet in Europe then this bundle is for you!

Bed linen & towels
Dedicated workspace
Fast Wi-Fi
Full kitchen
Laptop friendly workspace
Private bathroom
Safety kit
Washing machine
only few left from this type
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