What is Subscription living? 

The subscription model has become increasingly popular in the last decade – from cell phone plans to streaming services and cloud storage, subscriptions have become a part of each person’s monthly budget. A major advantage of this model is that it allows us to foresee future expenses and budget accordingly. When it comes to housing, this cost predictability exists with mortgage payments and long-term rental rates, but if you want to lead a location-independent lifestyle budgeting becomes a nightmare.The traditional renting landscape has often been fraught with uncertainty, hidden costs, and stressful negotiations. 

Good news is: subscription living solves this problem! Designed for digital nomads, remote workers, and anyone seeking a more flexible and straightforward way to live, it helps you avoid the repetitive bookings, excessive fees and the stress around finding the right accommodation.

So what exactly is Subscription living? With this new concept you can switch locations while paying a fixed monthly rate knowing your exact housing expenses for the year. There are no hidden service fees, no multiple contacts to juggle—just smart budgeting and a smooth transition from one home to another. Check this out: 

All properties are professionally managed, fully serviced, independent apartments. You can choose from studio or one-bedroom apartments and even larger spaces if you’re traveling with family or friends. You’ll find everything you need from a work friendly space to a fully equipped kitchen. 

Subscription bundles 

Instead of spending many hours planning the trip, researching different booking platforms and comparing rents, you can simply book your preferred bundle and pack your bags.They feature handpicked properties perfect for your work and lifestyle. Each bundle has a set starting date, stay length, destinations, check-in/out dates, and accommodation type. Take for example our Coastal charms bundle that starts in November. You get to spend a month each in Varna, Bourgas and Porto, just by doing one simple booking. Check out some of our other options. (link to bundles page). 

Subscription Living vs. Traditional Renting

Stable Costs: Subscription living offers budgeting stability. You pay a consistent monthly rent for your entire stay, eliminating unforeseen expenses and dodging potential scams.

Less Hassle: No need for endless hours of searching, tough negotiations, and hefty deposit fees, you can enjoy multiple locations with only one booking. 

So what now? 

Subscription living is reshaping the way we think about renting and accommodation. It offers a streamlined, stress-free approach, From the freedom to move to budgeting stability, subscription living has many advantages over traditional renting. The addition of our exclusive travel bundles further enriches this novel concept, making it an ideal choice for the modern-day remote worker or digital nomad. 


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