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Join a powerful network of flexible rental management companies (the Flat Managers) and gain access to the FlatAway platform, state-of-the-art technology, homeowner acquisition channels and more!

What is FlatAway?

FlatAway is a platform for flexible rentals of professionally managed apartments, geared towards the remote generation.

FlatAway is not yet another...

  • property management company
  • marketplace
  • online travel agency
FlatAway is a housing as a service provider, catering to the needs of digital nomads, remote workers and expats.

Property Managers

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How does FlatAway source its properties?

Properties listed on the platform are operated by a collective of tech-enabled Flat Managers™, which take care of people’s second homes for a fraction of the rental revenue each property generates. Flat Managers take care of guest communication, check-ins, rent collection and maintenance of properties within territory, usually a city. Interested in becoming a Flat Manager?
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What our partners say about us

  • Cleaning Company Owner

    Neycho, Plovdiv
    I’m the founder and CEO of Office Master Care - one of the largest cleaning companies specializing in commercial real estate in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. A few years back I wanted to expand into the home cleaning business. Instead of going through a rebranding and launching expensive marketing campaigns to attract homeowners, I became the Flat Manager in my market. Today more than 30% of Office Master Care’s revenue comes from Flat Manager clients and I own a profitable property management business.
  • Real estate professional

    Rares, Bucharest
    We launched Flat Manager Romania right before the pandemic in late 2019. Our portfolio had grown quickly and we were profitable, but Covid caused some serious troubles. The business almost went bankrupt and our units under management shrank to just 15. However, the guys at FlatAway helped us navigate through these challenging times and we managed to stay afloat. Their experience and flexibility were the reasons all Flat Managers survived throughout the pandemic and we are now in growth mode again!
  • Entrepreneur

    Julien, Varna
    I founded the second Flat Manager location back in 2017 in Varna, Bulgaria! It has truly been a pleasure to work with the team from the HQ throughout all these years - they’ve always taken into consideration my advice and feedback, they’ve always been supportive and to be honest they feel like family! My market is highly seasonal, so I’m pretty much free to do whatever I want during 6 months of the year. During the summer Flat Manager Varna generates enough profits so that my family and I don’t have to work the rest of the year.

Open locations for
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We are actively looking for new Flat Managers in the below locations. Don't see yours on the list? Get in touch with us anyway!
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How long does it take to launch?

You are ready to launch once you have completed the initial training and everything is in place for you to start operating properties. It should not take more than 3 months from the moment you sign the parnership agreement.

What are the fees?

There is no setup fee. You will pay royalties, which are a small percentage of the total booking revenue generated by the properties you manage. The percentage varies according to the length of the stay and is lower than any other property manager out there. In addition, you don’t pay royalties on stays booked through FlatAway. Schedule an introductory call with our team and find out more!

Do I need any capital to start?

Any business requires an initial investment to set up operations and acquire customers. We draw on our extensive experience to make sure that your capital is used wisely and your initial investment has the greatest possible return. You should be ready to commit between 15,000 and 30,000 EUR depending on your region.

Is the Flat Manager parnership a good fit for me?

Our partners come from a range of different backgrounds, however, they share the same values and ethical standards. The only way to know if we are a good fit for you is to talk to our team and discover more about our culture and vision.

Is FlatAway exclusively reserved for Flat Manager partners?

All properties must be up to Flat Manager Standards and are only provided by our parners.

Can there be more than one Flat Manager in one city?

Yes, there can be more than one Flat Manager in a territory.