How To Find The Right Accommodation As A Digital Nomad

With ultra-fast internet, speedy streaming and technological advancements, employees are embracing remote work like never before. Location-independent lifestyles are on the rise. You can enjoy flexibility and foster a work-life balance, all while trotting around the globe. 

However, the digital nomad life isn’t just about exploring new places. It comes with its own unique set of experiences and challenges. Constant movement, time management, and embracing diverse cultures become an integral part of the journey, adding depth to the adventure beyond just the destinations you visit.

In fact, we have experienced remote working first-hand and understand the struggles of finding the right place to stay. So, we’re here to guide you in picking the best accommodation. From how to avoid scams while making a booking to ensuring you choose a house that is work-friendly – we’ve got you covered.  

Read on to find out more. 

Opt for multi-destination bookings

Go on a multi-destination trip. Spend a month in one city and move to your next one right before the monotony of the place begins to sink in. This gives you enough time to establish a work routine in a new city while having enough time to enjoy all its attractions. 

Watch out for hidden costs

Hidden costs and service fees can turn the process of booking accommodations into an unpleasant experience. They often come as an unexpected surprise, inflating your budget beyond what you initially planned for. Over time, these additional expenses can add up, making a substantial difference to your overall travel or living budget. Therefore, avoiding hidden costs and service fees isn’t just about saving money, it’s about having a clear and accurate understanding of your expenses, enabling smoother, more predictable financial planning. This is especially crucial for digital nomads and frequent travelers who need to manage their budgets carefully across different locations.

Tailored for digital nomads and travel enthusiasts who are always on the road, Subscription Living offers transparent pricing : what you see is what you’ll pay. The same monthly rent without any service fees so you’ll be able to plan your accommodation expenses from the start.

Book a professionally-managed home when you can

Opting for a professionally-managed property offers numerous benefits beyond scam avoidance and the assurance of accurate property representations. Professional management equates to higher standards of maintenance and cleanliness, providing a comfortable living experience. These properties are often equipped with all necessary amenities, ensuring you have everything you need for a comfortable stay.

For digital nomads and frequent travelers, there’s also the advantage of consistency. With professionally-managed properties, you know what to expect in terms of quality and service, even when moving between locations. This removes some of the uncertainties that can accompany travel and accommodation changes.

We cannot agree more with these benefits. That’s why all offerings, from our Subscription Living plans, bundles and Short Stays, include only accommodations managed by seasoned professionals and experts. 

Ask questions

Will the Wi-Fi be reliable? Is the listing advertised accurately? Are the images a true reflection of what the property offers? Is there anything else I should know? Have all your queries answered beforehand and monitor how your host communicates back. Does Airbnb refrain from displaying your precise location until you’ve made the booking? Our team will always share the exact location as we believe you should research the area before you arrive.

At Flataway, we’ve a dedicated communications team to ensure a timely and professional response. You can connect with our 24/7 virtual concierge for any issue. From safety concerns or restaurant recommendations, we’re here for you. 

Book an accommodation that will align with your lifestyle

One of the biggest challenges of working remotely is social isolation. Without the physical setup of an office, feeling lonely or disconnected especially in a new place is common. Having a location-independent lifestyle may also blur the boundaries between professional and personal life when working from home. 

Keeping all this in mind, we’ve set up our apartments in some of the most nomad-friendly destinations. With dynamic digital nomad communities and high-tech hangout joints, making new friends is so much easier and fun. 

For those who prefer to unwind indoors after a long day of work, all of our apartments feature well-equipped kitchens for some leisure cooking. While you can always opt for studios and one-bedroom apartments, feel free to explore our bundles with your friends and family and choose a more spacious abode. We also offer pet-friendly stays, so have your furry friends tag along.  

Book a home with speedy WiFi & a comfortable workspace

When choosing accommodation for digital nomads, high-speed WiFi is a must. Remember to check the speed of the WiFi before you make a booking. Our listings offer reliable internet connections along with cosy workspaces. Additionally, they’re set in convenient locations so you’re never too far from work friendly cafes.  

We hope you found this article useful. Keep in mind to choose safe, well-furnished apartments with workspaces and amenities that boost your productivity. Explore bundles that meet your needs and reach out to us for any queries.

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