Best online digital nomad communities to join

If you’re just beginning your digital nomad journey, joining online communities is an excellent first step to learn more and prepare yourself for this lifestyle. There is nothing better than the real life community : hanging out with fellow remote workers and digital nomads. However if we’re just now starting this lifestyle, online communities can provide invaluable support, advice, and connection.

Here are some of the most popular online digital nomad communities that can offer you valuable insight and guidance:

Female digital nomads 

Female Digital Nomads is a tightly-knit community dedicated specifically to women navigating the paths of digital nomadism. With over 88.7k members, this community offers a platform where women can share experiences, offer advice, and provide support to fellow nomads. It’s an empowering space that understands the unique challenges and triumphs that come along with being a female digital nomad.

Digital nomads around the world 

This community brings together digital nomads from every corner of the globe. Digital Nomads Around the World is an immersive platform with 178.8k members, who share unique travel stories, valuable tips on remote work, and advice on adapting to different cultures. It’s the perfect place to gain insight from a diverse group of individuals living the digital nomad lifestyle. This group has also chats for different countries so if you have a question for a specific city that’s the way to go. 

Digital nomads on Reddit

With a massive membership base of 2.2 million people, the Digital Nomads subreddit is one of the most active communities you can join. It was created in 2009! The subreddit is filled with lively discussions, advice, and resources on anything from picking the right travel gear to finding the best accommodations. The best part is you have people who have been nomading since its early days so you can get the best advice from the seasoned nomads. 

Digital nomads and slow travelers over 40 

Age is just a number when it comes to exploring the world as a digital nomad. However, as  the admins of the group say, with age come different needs and expectations from traveling. Digital Nomads and Slow Travelers Over 40 is a vibrant community for those who are nomading later in life. It offers mature digital nomads a place to share experiences, discuss slow travel, and offer tips on balancing work and the nomadic lifestyle.

Find Your Favorite Creator and Join Their Broadcast Channel

Personal broadcast channels offer a more intimate and focused experience, as creators often share detailed and personal insights into their nomadic life. This can range from bloggers documenting their travels to entrepreneurs sharing tips on managing remote businesses. By joining a broadcaster’s channel, you get the unique opportunity to follow their journey, engage in discussions, and learn from their experiences.

Find a Digital Nomad Group Specific to the Place You’re Going

Finally, consider joining location-specific digital nomad groups. These communities are centered around a specific city or country and can be invaluable for learning about the local culture, legal specifics, finding the best places to work from, or even discovering local meetups. It’s a great way to feel part of a community and make your transition to a new place smoother.

Digital Nomad Jobs: Remote Job Opportunities

Sometimes, you might begin your digital nomad journey with your work situation all figured out. However, for those starting with a clean slate, the search for a job that permits a nomadic lifestyle can be daunting. That’s where this group comes into play. This community is a treasure trove of remote job listings and opportunities that cater specifically to digital nomads. It’s a great place to start if you’re seeking work that can accommodate your desire for geographical freedom, offering a wide range of postings across various fields and industries.

Joining these digital nomad communities can be transformative. They can help turn your journey from a solitary adventure into an enriching experience filled with connection, inspiration, and invaluable support.

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